Canon PIXMA TS8151 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TS8151 Driver Download

If you frequently print pictures or photos, the Canon Pixma TS8151 could be over your way. Premium printer has six individual ink cartridges, and promised to print images with realistic colors are rich and vibrant. The scanner and copier impressed in our testing, but can it fit in with the best quality, affordable prints? With a Canon Pixma TS8151 manufacturer changes the composition of colours in the case of six-color multi-function printer. Grey Ink has already taken care of for the beautiful shades of gray in the picture, the cartridge now photos-blue-ink-blue set in place for the finer details. Typically the colors red, blue, yellow and black photos, as well as the extra black ink to text for sitting on the print head. Whether and in what color changes bring something, we will examine in the test.

The new edition as a Canon Pixma TS8151 with additional photo blue ink delivers photos with many areas blue in reality, more detailed and more profound. However, this approach is quite exceptional. The better we understand the additional grey Inks predecessor, Pixma TS8050 that has brought color photo printing is a nice neutrality. The original photo will be choosing more friends. The results of the new generation with ink-a cost Tick rise overall, but thanks to ink IT is acceptable for the system of six colors. Thanks to the touch screen is very clearly structured and fast reactive, operation of the device comfortably. However, clear the snap points lost in fold the control panel. Therefore, according to the quick, if you push a little harder on the button or screen. Overall, the Canon Pixma TS8151 continues to be a multi-function printer photo friend, even in everyday tasks a good figure. Really fit the idea of this photo is not ink blue. Obviously it must have, in our opinion, if Canon has a device unit transparency to scan slides and film negatives. Because of the commitment to the tasks of the photo will have more clearly. Built-in functions printing CD should be sufficient as the additional features. In my tests, the exact effect in this case is quite visible. Most of the photos are only natural blue tones of the sky, the Canon Pixma TS8151 gradually the good on paper. The sky is so clear, and less-surface-in short: life. With photo black ink, which increases the contrast of the photo very, resulted in a significant difference compared with the usual four-colour printer. In the case of images with a small bluish effect again. Multi-function printer Canon Pixma TS8151 new generation of inks used, marked with the number of the PGI-580BK for pigmented black ink and CLI-581 to bullet five colors.

Recently, manufacturers offer cartridge refills are available in three sizes: standard, XL, and XXL. Based on the highest range 4.0 cents for black and white and coloured 8.7 cents to sheet calculated according to ISO. Compared to the previous TS8050 the sides slightly higher than price. Six-color system, however, remained in the frame. The reason is that the calculations refer to be used on paper. Therefore, two photo cartridges fell to black and blue weight not much, because they are mainly used in printing photos. However, it is important to consider that every bullet is nozzle cleaner in action. So the ink level drops you, even if you don’t have a photo print. Multi-function printer Canon Pixma TS8151 is intended for more artistic users, indicating also the built-in CD/DVD printing functions. The holder of the template is in a safe place, because he was stuck in the tray under the output tray. For printing You need to have an additional program. Integrated in the plant’s own manual pressure-tools “My Garden’s image”. Both are almost completed. Canon Pixma TS8151 offers two paper trays which can hold up to 200 sheets, Duplex printing-and-copy of the SD unit and slots for printing from a card. The touch screen is very large and with a clear structure. He was very quick to respond to finger pressure. He sat in the control panel was held, a very narrow hinged. We press harder, it’s easy. He fell to the low, according to a disturbing printer output tray-this is a little annoying.

Canon PIXMA TS8151 Driver Download Canon PIXMA TS8151 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA TS8151 Driver Download

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Canon PIXMA TS8151 Driver Download
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